Fire Extinguishers

We have access to a huge range of equipment from the world’s leading suppliers, offering standardised or customised solutions for all locations that vast numbers of people visit, work or pass through.

At IQ Fire & Security, we only provide the most up to date and highest performing fire extinguishers to ensure optimum fire safety.
All our types of fire extinguisher are made from high grade materials including brass heads, coated steel levers and polyester coating, meaning they can withstand extreme temperatures.

Our friendly fire safety engineers can install, refill and service all types of fire extinguisher including specialist and domestic models. We also have a range of accessory products including stands, trollies and covers.

Fire extinguisher supply and maintenance

Fire extinguisher supply and installation
Fire extinguisher maintenance including service, repair and refills
Fire extinguisher training courses
Accessory products including extinguisher stands

We supply the following extinguishers:

Powder extinguishers - highly versatile for tackling most types of fire
Spray foam extinguishers - ideal for free-burning materials such as wood and paper
CO2 extinguishers - suitable for use on flammable liquids and electrical fires
Water extinguishers - ideal for fires involving wood, paper and fabrics

For more information on our fire extinguishers contact us on 0131 662 0060

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